Boc: Budget to be discussed by Gov’t after publication with Official Journal of law on Government’s functioning

Interim minister Emil Boc on Wednesday said that after the enforcement of law on the Government’s capacity to submit the budget to Parliament, the Government will discuss in a meeting the draft budget on 2010.

‘After the enforcement of the law, we’ll approach the draft law in the Government, according to legal provisions. The law is come into force within three days after the publication with the Official Journal. Afterwards it will obviously meet the obligations stipulated by the law,’ said Emil Boc.

President Traian Basescu on Wednesday signed the decree on the promulgation of law completing art. 26 of Law no 90/2001 on the organization and functioning of the Romanian Government and ministries.
On November 10, the Chamber of Deputies and on November 11 the Senate decided the modification to art. 26 of Law on the Government’s organization and functioning, that will allow the dismissed Boc cabinet to present in Parliament the 2010 draft budget.

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