Danube Tourist Commission opens working session in Bucharest

The international Danube Tourist Commission, which is an organization aimed at making the Danube landscape, defined as a seventy-kilometer wide band along both banks of the river better known internationally, on Wednesday, December 2, opened its working session in Bucharest.

In 1998, the Danube Tourist Commission extended its activities to include the Main-Danube Canal. According to data presented during the debates, it appeared that the cruise tourism has extended in the area in the latest years. Thus, in 2008, there sailed on the Danube 109 cruise ships, with more than 214 passengers on board, among whom some 196,000 arrived to the Danube Delta (eastern Romania).

‘The activities of the Danube Tourist Commission range from the creation of a uniform corporate identity symbolized by the distinctive blue Danube wave logo to the production of brochures, both in German and English. Moreover, there will be published the cruise ships schedule, a yacht guide and also such information related to the annual festivals and events on the banks of the Danube and about excursions and cycling and hiking routes along the Danube” Chairman of the Commission Gerhard Skoff told a press conference on Wednesday.

The Commission debated in 2002 the theme “Danube and Europe”, in 2003 – “People, Myths, Fairy Tales”, in 2004 – “Musical Danube”, in 2007 “Danube – Royal River”, in 2008 “The Danube Moves”, while the theme for the 2009-2010 session was “The Romans on the Danube”. The Danube Tourist Commission was made into an Association, with the member states being represented here by their national tourist organizations.

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