Geoana: Coalition’s firm intention is for Johannis to serve till 2012

Social Democratic chairman Mircea Geoana, who runs for Romania’s president in this Sunday’s runoff against incumbent President Traian Basescu under the banner of the Alliance of PSD and Conservatives, told Radio Romania Actualitati public radio on Thursday that Sibiu mayor Klaus Johannis, whom the Liberals (PNL) and the PSD+PC Alliance back for prime minister, has nothing to fear since the coalition’s ‘firm’ intention is for him to serve till 2012.

‘I told Mr. Johannis and I also spoke to (PNL president Crin) Antonescu that we have a parliamentary mandate till 2012 and our firm intention is to have a mandate till 2012 for a prime minister and a government we start with’, Geoana said.
The PSD leader stressed his main goal is to be a ‘reliable partner’ for Johannis, the same as for ‘the parliamentary majority made up of the PSD+PC+PNL’.
He said his ambition is that the new coalition may bring good governance for the first time in 20 years.

As for the possible weaknesses of this majority, the presidential candidate insisted they will be found at the right moment and added he wishes to no longer make the mistakes he did in the past. ‘I assure you I’ll no longer make mistakes I did in the past…

My ambition is for the first time in 20 years to have a coalition of parties that should give a good governance, because up until now all the coalitions, including the one we were part of for nine months with the PD-L (Democratic Liberal Party) /. . ./ were places of bickering and of the division of power rather than governance to the citizen’s interest’, Geoana said.


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