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Geoana: I have a project for taking Romania out of crisis

Social Democratic leader Mircea Geoana, who runs for Romania’s president in Sunday’s runoff under the banner of the Alliance of Social Democrats and Conservatives (PSD+PC), said at the start of an electoral debate with incumbent President Traian Basescu on Thursday that he has a project to take Romania out of the crisis and that together with the majority he has formed he is ‘the guarantee of the fact’ that political stability will return to Romania.

‘I am speaking of a single Romania, not of an electoral slogan. I have put forward a vision of Romania’, Geoana said, adding he firmly believes that we need a new social model. He considers that the way Romania is functioning must be re-defined, that a chance must be granted to agriculture and to the creation of jobs.

“I firmly believe that we need a social human model because 20 years since the Revolution Romania is still an unjust place, and too many people strive to survive in poverty”, said the social democrat leader. He also pointed out that he has a project for taking the country out of the crisis because this is the “most important issue”.

As well, Mircea Geoana also said that he is the “guarantee” for Romania returning to political stability and that till Christmas Klaus Johannis Government, based on “a large majority” in Parliament and on an active anti-crisis programme aimed at saving the private sector and jobs, will become a certitude. “I have proved in a few days that I can coagulate around me various political forces and persons who were absolutely adversary tol the party I lead”, said the social democrat.

He voiced hope that Traian Basescu will not appeal during the debate to personal means and attacks, “the same as during the electoral campaign based on lie, personal attacks and attacks against the family”.


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