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Geoana: I have final word, nobody influences me

Social Democratic (PSD) leader Mircea Geoana, who runs for Romania’s president in this Sunday’s runoff under the banner of the Alliance of Social Democrats and Conservatives (PSD+PC) stressed on Thursday that if elected nobody will order him to do anything and he will not be influenced by anybody, since when it comes to serious matters, he will have the final word.

‘I hope the Romanians may discover, after December 6, the quality of an iron fist in a velvet glove. When it comes to serious matters I have the final word, nobody influences me. I am aware of the impression I sometimes leave. The appearance of being artificial and of a lack of sincerity came from the lack of experience. I joined politics as late as in 2001. But I have changed in the meantime’, Geoana said in an interview with Gazeta Sporturilor sports daily.

According to him, the accusations levelled on him on this matter by incumbent President Traian Basescu, who seeks re-election, ‘are the replies of a beaten man’.
Geoana denied he could be controlled by anybody, like, for example, Conservative Party founding president Dan Voiculescu. ‘How can anyone or Dan Voiculescu, for instance, control me? He is my ally. In 2004, the then-Romanian Humanist Party (to later turn into the Conservative Party – editor’s note) got six percent in the local elections’, he pointed out.

Geoana said that if he becomes president, the Romanian private firms will be subjected to only one control a year, after the U.S. model. When asked whether he had had signals that the Democratic Liberal Party had tried to get money for the election campaign by means of such controls, the Social Democratic chairman answered ‘yes’.
‘Yes. Now there is an election campaign and the company managers are afraid. They might speak afterwards. And given that the state owes more than two billion euros to the private firms, from contracted works or non-repaid VAT, there are very clear signals that this system was used for Basescu’s electoral money box’, Geoana said.


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