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Geoana: Totalitarian temptation still exists in Eastern Europe

The Senate Speaker Social Democrat Mircea Geoana on the occasion of the international conference called ‘1989: the year that changed the world. The pprotagonists’ vision of the future in Europe’ said that, although the communist regime had collapsed 20 years ago, the totalitarian temptation still exists in Eastern Europe.

The conference is being held at the Parliament Palace, with numerous important leaders of the revolutionary upheaval in the Eastern Europe in 1989 participating.
‘Yes, communism is dead. Yes, fascism is dead, but the temptation of totalitarianism still exists in this region of the world.

And there exist also the demagogic and populist temptations, both while referring to the left or to the right wing. In a way, we have to admit that after 20 years since that magnificent moment that changed the fate of the entire planet we still have to fight hard against such totalitarian mindset, we have to admit that we still have a fragile democratic culture and a precarious civic network, mentalities to shape, the same as expectations and democratic realities’, Mircea Geoana said.

He also specified that the danger represented by totalitarianism in the democratic societies still exists and that Europe is not immune to such trends. He showed that Romania had ‘the most brutal and tyrannical system, a nationalist-socialist system invented by Ceausescu, which suffocated any form of resistance or internal transition’.
In this context, Geoana underlined that Romania is a country that still didn’t finish ‘a national conversation’ about the latest 20 years and also a country that it should contribute more to the reunification of Europe.

‘The mission to reunify Europe is not complete. We can’t just sit comfortably on our recently gained status as members of the EU and NATO and forget about our brothers and sisters in the still many countries suffering from the influence of totalitarian regimes or reflexes’, Geoana added.


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