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Geoana: We’ll not raise taxes and dues

Social Democratic chairman Mircea Geoana, who runs for Romania’s president in this Sunday’s runoff against incumbent President Traian Basescu under the banner of the Alliance of PSD and Conservatives, told Radio Romania Actualitati public radio on Thursday it is not easy for the 2010 budget plan to be completed before the winter holidays and he gave assurance that if he becomes head of state, the Klaus Johannis government will not raise the taxes and dues next year.

‘One thing is certain, namely that we have 5.9 percent deficit in 2010. The second certain thing is that we are not going to raise the taxes and dues… To raise the taxes now means to worsen the economic crisis, in the same way that Mr. (Traian) Basescu’s proposal to sack 20 percent of the public workers and thus push unemployment up to one million people means an anti-economic act, not an anti-social one as it might seem at first sight – because when there are one million jobless, there are less consumers, there are people who cut their activities, people who have special personal problems and the economy is not re-started, in fact’, Geoana said.

He argued that the main source of additional budget revenues is to more energetically get into ‘the area of the black, grey, shadow economy, which accounts for a third of Romania’s wealth at present’.

‘I have already told my fellow parliamentarians to expect a prolonged extraordinary session, in December and January, because as soon as we have an investiture vote for Johannis cabinet we must deal with next year’s budget. My realistic estimate is that we could have a state budget sometime in the first weeks of January’, Geoana said.


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