International conference on revolutions of 1989 in Eastern Europe

An international conference called ‘1989: year which changed the world. Vision of protagonists of change for Europe’s future’ is unfolding on Thursday at Parliament Palace in Bucharest in the presence of prominent leaders of the revolutions that occurred in Eastern Europe.

Organised by the Romanian Foundation for Democracy, headed by Romania’s former president Emil Constantinescu, the conference aims to mark two decades since the Romanian Revolution of December 1989.

Taking the floor at the conference are prominent leaders of the revolutions which led to the collapse of totalitarian regimes in an area situated between the Berlin Wall and Siberia, between Central Europe and Central Asia and between the Baltic Sea and the Balkans, as well as a range of political personalities who led the transition process of Central and Eastern Europe.

Some of the participants in the conference are dr. Zhelyu Zelev, Bulgaria’s president between 1990 and 1997, leader of the anti-communist movement of Bulgaria, Jan Carnogursky, first prime minister of Slovakia (1991-1992), anti-communist dissident, signatory of the Charter 77, Arnold Ruutel, president of Estonia (2001-2006), Petru Lucinschi, president of Moldova (1996-2001), Gheorghe Duca, president of the Academy of Sciences, Republic of Moldova.

The debates are held under the form of six round tables, focusing on Engaged intellectuals and the collapse of the communism in Eastern Europe, Political elites involved in the reforms of 1989 in Eastern Europe, the Specificities of the Romanian Revolution – mass uprising and bloody repression, the Romanian Exile and the Romanian Revolution, Radios of the Free World and the Romanian Revolution, Process of the Romanian Revolution, Anti-communist resistance and anti¬Causescu dissidence.

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  1. victor spune

    Today we celebrate December 21 to 20 years of revolution: 1. good work is and will remain in the memory of those who died then … FREEDOM! 2. Too bad it died for a noble thing but today the system has not yet been completely defeated … why? Who were the guilty, why even after 20 years have not taken measures to punish, in freedom today are many, miners, Iliescu regime and many others, shame …. You should all Bolsheviks shot in the head! Who can do that … a new revolution .. what the future young people in 2010,2011,2012 etc. in this country … none, why? Have escaped from a tyrant and yet …. Outside of freedom that we won? better life, jobs, none of this, why? Romanian because in this country will not be born as someone who died in the revolution, those of noble blood, the Romanian nation of Stefan the Great, Michael the Brave … will never be born on earth Romanian man able to fight for good of their people with the price of life itself, today we are led by those driven out by their own wealth, rapid enrichment, selfish interests of the country goes to the dogs … easy, easy WHY? FOR YOUNG PEOPLE WHO HAVE DIED IN 89 ‘?

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