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Johannis about future Gov’t: Portfolio distribution will be negotiated under a political protocol

Sibiu Mayor Klaus Johannis, an independent endorsed for the office of prime minister by the National Liberal Party (PNL), and the Social Democratic Party + Conservative Party (PSD+PC) Alliance, told Antena 3 commercial channel on Wednesday evening that the distribution of the portfolios in the future government will be negotiated under a political protocol.

‘What we have here is a novel construction: a political Government with an independent prime minister, and I can only give you one name that is to us three a certitude: mine for prime minister. Besides this, because the Government is political, the distribution of its portfolios will be decided under a political protocol to be concluded between the political parties and formations that will provide people for the Cabinet.

The weight of the parties in Parliament will certainly be considered in the process and the weight of each party against each other,’ said Johannis. He assured that when negotiations are conducted over portfolios and names, solutions will be sought that will not make anyone feel rejected and make all the nominees feel they are promoted by their parties.
Johannis also underscored that the protocol signed by chief of the PSD Mircea Geoana and chief of the PNL Crin Antonescu and the project including him as the future prime minister indicate that the three are making up a team, and ‘such team of politicians are not easy to create.’

‘The fact that we three have met and quickly realised that we are compatible, that in fact we want the same things – good governance, taking the country out of a crisis in a simple and open approach – is already a defining thing to our project. We are determined to do good things but we are not inflexible. We are different, yet compatible at the same time. We have not met to share off the pie, we met to try and govern the country in an open, European and transparent manner,’ said Johannis.


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