Minister for European Affairs to the EU Competitiveness Council

The minister for European Affairs Bogdan Manoiu will participate Thursday and Friday in Brussels in the Competitiveness Council of the European Union, the Department for European Affairs informs.

The main topics on the reunion’s working agenda are focused on the contributions of the Competitiveness Council to the mapping of the EU post-2010 strategy, under the aspect of the development directions of the domestic market included, as well as on a series of draft laws referring to the rights of the consumers, the European licensing system and the status of the European private society.

Likewise, talks will continue on simplifying the way of regulation at EU level, by applying the impact analyses and cutting the administrative costs included.
Romania’s delegation led by minister Bogdan Manoiu is to participate in the “Domestic market and industry” and “Protection of consumer’s rights” sections within the EU Competitiveness Council.

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