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Only third of graduates find a job during the first year after they finish school

Only a third of the graduates manage to find a job during the first year since they finished school, according to a household labour force survey (AMIGO) conducted by the National Institute of Statistics (INS) in the 2nd quarter of 2009 among young people 14-34 years old.

‘As few as 33.6 percent of the graduates manage to actually find a job during the first years since they finished school, as following: among the university graduates, the survey found there were 60.9 percent already working in the first year after graduation, while among the high school graduates the percentage was only 35 percent, dropping to 14.6 in the case of the people with less education’, the INS survey showed.

The research also revealed that 39.6 percent of the graduates in the urban area already had a job during the first year since graduation, compared with 26.3 percent in the rural area.
As many as 74.1 percent of the graduates were actively looking for a job during much of the time between leaving school and finding their first jobs, using such methods as: direct contact with the employers or with the human resources department (37.9 percent) or asking their family, relatives or friends (37.5 percent) to help them.

The insertion rate on the labour market among young people 15-34 years old stood at 24.4 percent six months after graduation and at 33.6 percent one year after graduation, in the interval preceding the survey.


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