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Predoiu attends formal meeting of NATO foreign ministers


Interim Minister of Foreign Affairs Catalin Predoiu on Friday, in Brussels, will attend the formal meeting of the NATO foreign ministers, informs the Romanian Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

On this occasion Minister Predoiu will take part in the meeting devoted to the North Atlantic Council, in the meeting between the NATO member states and the countries contributing to the International Security Assistance Force (ISAF) in Afghanistan and in the meeting between the NATO Council and Russia.

These will mainly be the subjects of interest on the agenda of the talks: the open door policy, the anti-missile defence, the process of drawing up the new NATO strategic concept, the performances registered by Georgia and Ukraine in attaining the aims assumed as part of the annual national programmes for 2009, the situation in Afghanistan and the relation between the NATO and the Russian Federation.

Romania will aim at making some allied decisions that should mark the progress made since the NATO Summit in Bucharest as regards consolidating the decisions that were made by the heads of state in April 2008 and, subsequently, during the ministerial meeting in December 2008 and the NATO anniversary summit in Strasbourg-Kehl in April 2009.
In this respect they will reiterate Romania’s pledge to continue the NATO open door policy as well as regarding the NATO military operations in Afghanistan in the context of hailing the statement made by US President Barack Obama referring to the strategy for Afghanistan.

The Romanian Minister of Foreign Affairs will also present the aim Romania has in view as part of the process of drawing up the new NATO strategic concept as well as concerning the development of an allied anti-missile defence system in keeping with the principles of the indivisibility of security and of the allied solidarity.
When attending the meeting between the NATO Council and Russia, Romania’s delegation will work for turning to account the very important potential of the relation between the NATO member states and Russia both as regards the political dialogue and the practical cooperation.

Romania supports the combination of the pragmatic approach and the observance of the aims, principles and common values included in the Rome Declaration on Aid Harmonization in 2002. While participating in the meetings in Brussels, Interim Minister of Foreign Affairs Catalin Predoiu will have a bilateral meeting with his counterpart from Georgia.


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