Romsilva to put more than 123,000 Christmas trees on sale

The Romsilva National Forestry Corporation will put more than 123,000 Christmas trees on sale this year of the fir and spruce species for the same prices as the year before, that is ranging between RON 10 and 30.

Romsilva mentions that out of the total Christmas trees collected in 2009, 63,968 are fir and 59,640 spruce and other resinous trees. Fir trees of up to 1.3 m will cost RON 20, those between one and two meters RON 25 and those of between two and three meters RON 30. A spruce or other resinous tree will cost RON 10 each, if up to 1.3 meters; RON 15 if between one and two meters and RON 20 if over two meters.

The prices are minimal, VAT excluded and approved for direct public sale. Romsilva does not aim to meet the entire demand for Christmas trees because there are some businesses importing such trees and even private forest owners who sell fir or spruce trees for winter holidays.

Hypermarkets, DIY and furniture retailers also sell imported Christmas trees for prices that are three-four times higher than for local trees. In 2008, most of the imported Christmas trees came from Denmark, Hungary, Germany and Poland, as well as from the Netherlands, Austria and Italy and they traded for an average 35 euros.

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