Antonescu: Come and vote, take part in the change

The National Liberal Party (PNL) president Crin Antonescu on Friday called on the voters to come and cast their ballots in the presidential runoff on Sunday and reaffirmed that incumbent President Traian Basescu can never be his partner.

‘Come and vote! Participate in the change we need, because the coming five years should not choke us for good. Trust me, I guarantee I won’t let you down,’ Antonescu said at the PNL central hqs.
The PNL official admitted it was not easy for him to ask his voters to vote for somebody else, but he said that it had to be done lest Romania should not go again through what it did, over the past five years.

‘We must choose between Traian Basescu whom we know and we don’t want any longer, and Mircea Geoana who comes and promises a project and a change. The choice we have to make is not complicated for me. For the first time, in Timisoara, the Social Democratic Party (PSD) admitted the mistakes it made after 1990 and assumed responsibility for them,’ Antonescu said.

The PNL president urged his voters to overcome their disappointment at the fact that the PNL candidate was ousted from the race for Romania’s President.
‘I know, many of you are disappointed it is not me against Traian Basescu in the runoff. So am I, but this doesn’t mean I give up. (…) Our vote and involvement will be decisive, and the choice I personally urge you to make is unequivocal. I call you to the vote.

If you fail coming and voting, Romania will remain the same country as it used to be over the past five years, if you don’t come and vote, others will for you,’ said Antonescu. He emphasized that Romania’s genuine problem at the moment is emerging from the crisis, and Geoana answers this problem by the Klaus Johannis project, that represents ‘the promise of an independent and competent premier, of professional ministers, an anti-crisis plan.’
Antonescu asked his voters to vote in the name of the Johannis project and the idea of change.

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