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Geoana, Basescu, discuss social security in Romania

At an election debate on Thursday evening, candidate of the Social Democratic Party (PSD) in the December 6 presidential runoff Mircea Geoana and independent candidate endorsed by the Democratic-Liberal Party (PD-L) Traian Basescu discussed their views on social security in Romania, with each of them underscoring different issues affecting the field.

PSD candidate Mircea Geoana stated that the most sensitive issue is the lack of equal opportunity for Romanians 20 years after the fall of communism. ‘This is the most sensitive issue facing Romania, and unfortunately, 20 years now, many of the things Romanians were hoping for, including prosperity, thrift, equal opportunity, are not occurring in Romania today.
Unfortunately, social gaps and such injustice have deepened,’ he said. Geoana added that this is why he will campaign for a quick approval of a uniform public pension law so that Romania may be given a fair and balanced public pension system.

‘I also believe that we will have to take a fresh look at the uniform pay law in the public sector. I want to assure the public employees that I and the Johannis Government will try to contain the real designs of Mr. Basescu and the Boc Government to lay off 20 percent of the public employees,’ said Geoana. In his turn, PD-L endorsed candidate Traian Base scu said that in his view the problem facing social security in Romania is called waste.

‘Currently, there are nearly 11 million Romanians benefitting, one way or another, from social security systems, and one of them is the centrally-managed heat system, for which public subsidies are uniformly distributed to all those connected to this heat system, although included here are also people on very high income who do not need to be paid the subsidies. I want to say that as far as social security is concerned, we have to use the resources we have for those who really need them,’ said Basescu.


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