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Geoana calls on Romanians to go to ballot box

Social Democratic (PSD) chairman Mircea Geoana, who runs for Romania’s president in this Sunday’s runoff against incumbent President Traian Basescu under the banner of the Alliance of PSD and Conservatives called on the Romanians on Friday to go to the ballot box, arguing that the election is extremely important for the years to come.

‘I call on all Romania’s citizens to clear-headedly think of the next five years and the manner that Sunday’s elections will influence their life, wage, pension or the chance to live decently and correctly in a fairer, more dynamic country and more respected in Europe and in the world.

I want to ask all the Romanians to go to the ballot box on December 6. I know there is hesitation and disappointment, /…/ but the stake is higher than my own person or the persons that surround me, no matter how respectable. Your fate is at stake and ultimately Romania’s fate is at stake’, Geoana said.
The Social Democratic leader said he was satisfied with his campaign that had focused on a concrete project called A Single Romania, unlike his contender Traian Basescu, who had focused on a negative campaign marked by tensions and rows.

He said he was content for having managed to achieve the start of A Single Romania programme by rallying the Liberals, the national minorities as well as other parliamentary and non- parliamentary parties around his candidate for Prime Minister – Klaus Johannis.
Geoana stressed that the most important promise he made in the electoral campaign was to stop the downturn and put an end to political instability.

‘We have managed to prove that, by a parliamentary understanding, we have a Prime Minister – Klaus Johannis – whom I’ll task with leading the government of Romania before Christmas. At this moment we have a government, a programme, a parliamentary majority and most important of all, we have the honesty and goodwill of three leaders: me, Mr. (Crin) Antonescu and Mr. Johannis, who are all part of another generation of leaders, educated in the West and who really believe in a democratic and European Romania’, Geoana said.


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