Geoana: Romania has to consolidate its European status

Romania should consolidate its European status because now Romania is ‘somehow a peripheral country,’ presidential candidate Mircea Geoana told Radio Romania Actualitati public radio station on Friday.

‘Romania does not have a word in Europe to match its influence. We will have to stay loyal to our alliance with the US. This is very important, given that the world is changing and risks and threats are always emerging.

Yet, we will indeed have to diversify a little, because we have bet everything on just one card, because that was normal for our integration with Western organisations – both NATO and the EU – and we did well, but we forgot to develop relations with countries that have a very important potential particularly for Romania’s economy, and I mean here China,’ said the chief of the Social Democratic Party (PSD).

Geoana argued that Chinese companies have been waiting for five years to finance the beltway around Bucharest City, a bridge over Danube at Macin linking Dobrogea to Moldavia between Braila and Tulcea. He also argued that China has been waiting for more than five years to finance a big sports facility for games, concerts and shows.

The PSD leader also said that the developments in other countries or regions who become or come back as interesting powers should be considered, such as Russia, India, Brazil and the Middle East.
‘The news from Chisinau is in the end very good news because there is a pro-European and democratic Government in place in Moldova. On December 1, Romania’s National Day, they have given up the Stalinist fiction that there would be a Moldovan language separate from the Romanian language.

On the National Day of Romania the state dignitaries of Moldova came to celebrate, as natural, the day that is the national day of all Romanians everywhere. Ukraine is a neighbour country of 60 million people, with which Romania has a very cold relation. It is not normal for Romania to have cold relations with two neighbours – an immediate neighbour that is Ukraine and an indirect one that is the Russian Federation.

That is why everything that has been thrown in during the election campaign about my presumed relation with Russians is laughable, because I strongly believe that our place is in the West, with a strong relationship with Europe and a very strong relationship with America, but that does not mean that we should not have commercial ties with China, with which Romania has a trade imbalance of 4 billion euros a year, or Russia, with which Romania also has a trade imbalance of 4 billion euros a year,’ said the PSD + Conservative Party (PSD+PC) alliance candidate.
In concluding, Geoana said that Romania should prove loyal to its Western partners and pragmatism in its relations with other countries.


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