Nicolai: Romania is vulnerable to attacks of organised crime networks, which are more aggressive in times of crisis

Romanian MEP Norica Nicolai (Alliance of Liberals and Democrats for Europe – ALDE /National Liberal Party – PNL) has drawn attention Romania is highly vulnerable to attacks from the organised crime networks, with such groups usually taking advantage and becoming more and more aggressive in times of financial crisis.

The head of the delegation of the National Liberal Party (PNL) to the European Parliament (EP) together with her Italian colleague Pino Arlacchi insisted, on the occasion of the seminar called ‘Crime and Criminals in Times of Crisis in Europe and on a Global Scale’ that was held on Thursday, December 3, at the EP, on the need for an immediate adjusting of instruments to be used in the fight against such a growing phenomenon, which evolves and adapts very easily to the new techniques.

‘The European institutions have to adjust their combat policies against the organized crime, for what happened in Dubai may happen anytime in Europe, which become every day more vulnerable to a scourge that has become symbiotic with the society’, Norica Nicolai, Vice-Chairman with the subcommittee ‘Security and Defence” (SEDE) and member of the Committee for Foreign Affairs (AFET) and of the Committee for Civil Liberties (LIBE) with the EP.

The Romanian MEP also explained that Romania is situated at the confluence of interests of some organised crime network that could become very dangerous on the background of the ongoing economic downtown and could foil the efforts made by the Romanian to reinvigorate the economy.
‘Romania is exposed to the attacks of the organised crime networks the same as any other European country. Our efforts to reduce the effects of the ongoing economic crisis could be foiled anytime if we hadn’t adapted our methods to the new challenges of the globalization.

Unfortunately, organised crime is now part of our social, economic and political life, with the difficulties triggered by the economic recession also offering excellent conditions for the criminals’, Norica Nicolai also added.

The abovesaid seminar was organized at the initiative of the two MEPs, members of the Alliance of Liberals and Democrats in Europe (ALDE) and brought together specialists in the field from several European universities, who explained the new mechanisms of functioning of the organised crime networks. The speakers offered examples from the so-called traditional crimes – prostitution, drugs and weapon trafficking – to cybercrime, financial or even crimes in the renewable industry.


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