Number of dwellings handed over to owners up in Q3

There were 14,669 dwellings handed over to owners in the third quarter of the year, more by 1.80 percent compared with the same interval in 2008, when there were inaugurated 14,410 dwellings, according to the provisional data released on Friday by the National Institute of Statistics (INS).

Compared with the January 1- September 30 interval in 2008, the number of finished dwellings stood at 38,170, more by 1,507 dwellings (growth of 4.11 percent).
By source of financing of already finished dwellings, the number of buildings erected with private funds tumbled (by 411) in 2009 on 2008, while the number of dwellings erected with public funds went up by 670 dwellings.

The most significant weight of the dwellings (51.5 percent of the total) build in the three quarters of this year were finished in the urban areas, unlike the same interval a year before, when most dwellings were built in the rural area (51.3 percent).

Moreover, the comparison between the figures last year and this year showed the fact that, by source of financing of the finished dwellings, the number of dwellings built with private funds soared by 312 dwellings, while the number of dwellings made with public funds surged by 1,195 dwellings.

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