Romanian-Spanish Chamber of Commerce opens at Integra Madrid

Romanian-Spanish Chamber of Commerce opened in Madrid on Friday during the Integra fair of products and services for immigrants, to which Romania is the special guest this year, and the main aim, according to vice-president Nicu Dendiu, is to establish a permanent contact between the businessmen in Spain and Romania.

“The Romanian-Spanish Chamber of Commerce plans to offer services as good as possible to the Spanish companies on the Romanian market and to the Romanian companies that want to have relations with the Spanish partners, a bridge leading to cooperation between the two countries,” explains vice-president Dendiu, who makes it clear that, giving things a concrete form, he also refers to the support meant for “the consultancy part, for the legal and fiscal one or for the one connected to the situation on the labour market, so that Spanish companies should know Romania’s legislation and fiscal advantages, the benefits and characteristic features of every sector.”

The Romanian-Spanish Chamber of Commerce was founded with the support of the Chamber of Commerce in Madrid and Romania’s Chamber of Commerce, but also of the Spanish local authorities. Nicu Dendiu says that the initiative was taken by a number of six Spanish companies with Romanian and Spanish shareholders. According to the vice-president of the chamber, they work in consultancy, constructions and service delivery.

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