‘Romania’s UNESCO Heritage’ exhibition to open in Madrid

An exhibition titled ‘Romania’s UNESCO Heritage’, to include seven albums published by the ARTEC publishing house based in Segovia, Spain, and also eight panels with big pictures and illustrations of them, sponsored by the Romanian Cultural Institute (ICR), will open on Friday evening in Madrid.

According to the ICR, the exhibition will be available at the INTEGRA 2009 Fair, which takes places in the Spanish capital December 4-8, at Romania’s stands more precisely. Ioana Zlotescu Simatu realized the coordination of the authors, with the seven albums being titled: ‘Danube Delta. Radu Anton Roman’, re-published by Catalin C.

Constantin, ‘Historic Centre of Timisoara City’ – Ioana Parvulescu, ‘The Wood Churches in Maramures’ – Teodor Baconsky, ‘Fortified Churches and Citadels from Transylvania’ – Emil Hurezeanu, ‘The Horezu Monastery’ – Bogdan Tataru Cazaban, ‘The Monasteries from Bucovina’ – Neagu Djuvara’ and ‘Dacian Fortresses of the Orastie Mountains’ – Simona Sora.

The launch will be part of a series of events organized by the ICR over November 27- December 9 in Madrid and in other localities close to the Spanish capital on the National Day of Romania, and also dedicated to the 20th anniversary since the fall of the communist regime.

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