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Traian Basescu thanks Bucharest people who came to Revolution Square on December 1

Traian Basescu, an independent candidate supported by the Democratic Liberal Party (PD-L) for a second term in office as Head of State, on Friday thanked the Bucharest people who came to the Revolution Square on December 1, Romania’s National Day, and warned Mircea Geoana he had no consensus with the nation.

“I am thanking the Bucharest people, who, on that day [December 1], came to the Revolution Square and warned Mircea Geoana he had no consensus with the Romanian nation,” the Incumbent President told the rally that was held in Bucharest and ended the presidential election campaign. Traian Basescu said that Mircea Geoana wanted “to defile the tradition of Timisoara [western Romania] and of the Revolution.”

The President added that, if he got a new mandate, he would not change at all his belief that the only honest ally of the President was the Romanian people, but also that “a player President is to be preferred to a plaything President.”
“I am assuring you that, during my next mandate, I shall stay a committed President, I should say a player President and I am assuring you that it is much better for the country to elect a player President than a plaything President,” said Traian Basescu.

He also said that, during his five-year mandate, he often had to face the alternative of some “compromises for quiet,” but that he did not do it as his only aim was to stay loyal to the people. Basescu also said that Romania needed a right-wing government and that the Social Democratic Party could not rule the destiny of the country.

“We need a powerful right-wing alliance, PD-L and PNL [the National Liberal Party], on whose structure we should make it possible for the reforms to be carried out, we need the mentality of the people who see the good government as a solution,” he said. The President thanked for the votes he got from the Bucharest people for becoming the Bucharest Mayor and President, but added that, currently, what mattered was the modernization of the country as a whole.

Basescu also emphasized the importance of patriotism in the context of globalization and said that, within the EU, there ware national landmarks such as history. He also appreciated that one must reject denigrating attitudes to the Romanian nation, sometimes expressed even on TV stations. At the end of his speech Basescu thanked the members of PD-L and the National Bloc of the Revolutionaries in December ’89 for their support.


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