Marko Bela: I myself voted for change

Leader of the Hungarian Democratic Union of Romania (UDMR) Marko Bela said after casting his ballot in the presidential runoff on Sunday that his party chooses the change and this does not mean the country’s president only.

‘We choose a change and I myself vote for a change, not only with respect to the position of Romania’s president, because I am certain that such a change will also involve a change of our political life, the governmental stability.

Therefore, I have chosen a stable government, backed by a transparent majority in Parliament, I voted for a prime minister like Mr. Klaus Johannis, I voted for understanding and reconciliation in the society’, Marko said at Sancraiu de Mures (central Romania).
When asked about the possibility that incumbent President Traian Basescu wins the elections, the UDMR head stressed that he rules out any possibility of forming a government with the Democratic Liberals, for the moment. ‘At this moment we choose another alternative, as I said. We do not speculate on other alternatives’, Marko said.

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