More electoral offences reported

Spokesman for the Bucharest Police Christian Ciocan has reported that since his last announcement at 14:30 hrs, GMT, seven more electoral offences have been recorded.

Among the latest offences, there is the case of a man at a polling station in the northwestern city of Satu Mare who was caught while he was voting in his wife’s stead.
Ciocan also said that voting at the North Station Bucharest special polling station for non¬resident voters was interrupted again because of a complaint from the electoral committee there.

‘A member of the committee filed a complaint that more ballot papers were introduced in the ballot box for a given period of time. Following the complaint, polling was interrupted and the Police started an investigation. We will have an official opinion at the end of the investigation,’ said Ciocan. He once again said that all the complaints from voters or members on the electoral boards is taken into account and verified by the Police.


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