Police spokesman urges vote irregularities to be notified to 112 emergency line

Spokesman for the Election Command of the Ministry of Administration and Interior (MAI) Christian Ciocan on Sunday urged the people who want to notify vote irregularities to do so by calling the 112 emergency line.

‘I am urging the political parties and NGOs that have anything to notify about vote irregularities to do so by calling the 112 emergency line or file a complaint with the Police. Any notification through any other means will be mere words aired on TV. For instance officials of a political party has filed a complaint with the Ilfov Police Inspectorate claiming that the deputy mayor of the village of Gradistea offered cash and other material gains in exchange for a vote for a certain candidate.

Another example: a party in the eastern city of Piatra Neamt lodged a complaint against a man who voted at the polling centre where his legal residence was located then went to a special polling centre for non-resident voters in the neighbouring village of Dobreni to cast another ballot,’ said Ciocan, adding that a criminal file was drawn up on the man in question for multiple voting.

Ciocan explained that in the central county of Brasov a man was detected who wanted to vote twice. Ciocan also said that according to statistics released at 12:00 hrs, GMT, six more electoral offences were reported and five fines levied.

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