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PSD accuses PD-L of having set up pressure groups

Spokesman for the Social Democratic Party (PSD) Bogdan Niculescu-Duvaz accused at a press conference on Sunday the representatives of the Liberal Democratic Party (PD-L) of having called up, especially in the vicinity of special polling stations, pressure groups to inflict ‘a feeling of insecurity and determine voters to cast their ballots for the Liberal-Democratic candidate for President.’

Duvaz said that until noon, PSD countrywide monitoring and data centralization officers had registered more than one hundred complaints over breach of law and illegal deeds, many of which falling under the incidence of criminal law.

Duvaz cited as relevant example the Dambovita County where electoral bribery was spotted in the city of Targoviste and the communities of Motaieni, Aninoasa, Dragomiresti; electoral bussing was tracked in Targoviste and double voting in the Malul cu Flori community. Duvaz also accused the PD-L members of having shared out foodstuff on Sunday in the Arges County to push for vote in favor of their candidate and that in Mures County dozens of ID cards were taken from voters for fraudulent ballot casting.

Also, in Cluj County, PD-L representatives were accused of having distributed electoral printed matter and food, and in Buzau county there was campaigning on the voting day. Duvaz said that in Iasi, in the Plugari community, PD-L representatives were sharing out food as electoral bribe.  The PSD representative called on the citizens to observe the law and not let themselves intimidated and report whatever irregularity they encounter.


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