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PSD notifies more than 400 vote irregularities as of 13:00 hrs, GMT

The Social Democratic Party (PSD) is claiming that following its monitoring of the vote today, more that 400 vote irregularities were recorded as of 13:00 hrs, GMT, in today’s presidential runoff.

Spokesman for PSD Bogdan Niculescu-Duvaz told a news conference at Lunca Mures, Alba County, centre, that the local deputy mayor, of the rival Democratic Liberal Party (PD-L) received a list of people who were still to vote so that he may know them and mobilise then to vote. Duvaz also claimed that a woman in Rome voted twice and the mayor of the village of Ziduri in the southern county of Buzau allegedly shuttled voters on school buses to support candidate Traian Basescu.

PSD is also claiming that a man of the Piscolt village in the northwestern county of Satu Mare voted twice, using the identity card of his wife, and PD-L local councilors in the village of Coltesti, the southern county of Dambovita used violence against the representative of the National Liberal Party (PNL), PSD’s ally, who is now allegedly recovering in hospital.

Duvaz also claimed that the mayor of the village of Lunca, Sibiu County, centre, shuttled voters with the fire engine, and that a case of three-time voting was reported in the eastern county of Vrancea. Duvaz also warned that PD-L will continue to attempt power cut off in some areas in the country, and promised that PSD will be vigilant.


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