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Videanu: Let us wait for BEC final vote count without street rallies

Prime-vice president of the Liberal Democratic Party (PD-L) Adriean Videanu on Sunday called on the political formations that back Traian Basescu’s opponent „to manifest decency” and not take to street rallies after the results of the exit polls are known.

„It is very important that we wait for the final vote count from the Central Electoral Bureau (BEC) without any street rally which could damage the image of the candidate the Romanians want to be their President (…) It is very important that we prove calm and reason and wait laid back the BEC results,’ said Videanu. He explained that this is a „preventative” call because he knows what usually happens in the aftermath of voting.

Asked if PD-L is involved in the organization of a manifestation after 9:00 p.m., the Liberal Democrat leader neither confirmed, nor denied this. „Each political formation will manifest as it deems. It all depends on the results of the exit- polls. The important thing is that the defeated loses with dignity,’ he said. Asked if he will participate in a possible manifestation in the downtown University Square, Videanu replied: „With great joy.”

The PD-L prime vice president warned that attempts are currently made to manipulate the public opinion with all sorts of information, „intoxication” by the supporters of the two contestants in the race for President. „Therefore, PD-L will not give to publicity the results of any exit poll,” specified Videanu.


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