Ali Imran sentenced to six years in prison for killing film director Nemescu

The Bucharest Court of Appeal on Monday rejected the appeals filed against the sentence in a file under which British citizen Ali Imran is accused of having killed Romanian film director Cristian Nemescu in a car accident.

Following the rejection, Imran will have to serve the six-year in prison sentence. The Bucharest Tribunal sentenced Ali Imran on February 19 to six years in prison for a car accident in the summer of 2006 that left director Nemescu, sound engineer Anrei Toncu and taxi driver Radu Arustei dead. The judges also ruled that after serving his prison sentence, the British man shall be expelled from Romania.

Imran was also ordered to pay damages to the survivors of the men who died in the accident: RON 28,000 in injury claims and RON 500,000 in moral damages to Ratus Elena Violeta; RON 500,000 in moral damages to Arustei Stefan Corneliu; RON 500,000 in moral damages to each of Nemescu Erica, Nemescu Octavian, Toncu Horia Traian and Toncu Elena. Ali Imran, a Pakistani-born UK citizen, was sent to court for involuntary manslaughter.

On the night of August 25, 2006, Imran was driving a Porsche Cayenne on the Independence Boulevard of Bucharest from the Opera Square to the Cotroceni Bridge, when he entered the intersection of the Heroes Bridge without noticing the red lights, colliding in the process with a taxi that was running from the Military Academy to Berzei Street. Taxi driver Radu Arustei, 24, film director Cristian Nemescu, 27, and Nemescu’s colleague sound engineer Andrei Toncu, 28, died on impact.

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