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Basescu claims Hrebenciuc intervened with two pollsters

President-elect Traian Basescu told journalists on Monday at his campaign headquarters in Bucharest that leader of the Social Democratic Party (PSD) MPs in the Chamber of Deputies Viorel Hrebenciuc allegedly intervened with two pollsters to temper the outcome of exit polls.

‘I knew about the interventions of Viorel Hrebenciuc with two pollsters to temper the outcome of the exit polls by between half a percentage point and one percentage point in favour of Mircea Geoana. I would say that Hrebenciuc has the great merit of having put Geoana in an awkward situation. And that is my honest word,’ said Basescu.

The President said that this way Hrebenciuc wanted to claim victory so that on Monday he may claim that the election was rigged. He said he called Mircea Geoana, his challenger in the Sunday’s presidential runoff, as a token of politeness, and that on Sunday at 19:00 hrs, two hours before the poll’s end, he knew he won the election.
Basescu also said that on Tuesday, after the Central Electoral Bureau (BEC) has certified the vote returns, he will make an official statement at the Cotroceni Presidential Palace.

He extended thanks to both those who voted for him and to those who chose Geoana, adding that as President he will treat them equally. He also thanked the Romanians overseas, who voted overwhelmingly for him, particularly those in Italy, Spain, France, Germany, the UK, Ireland and Moldova. ‘I am thinking about the efforts of the Romanians living in North America, Canada and the US, and I can tell you that I received information about what was happening there, and I am thinking particularly about the Romanians on the US West Coast, who are in a time zone that is 11 hours behind Romania’s.

When they saw the results of the exit polls, they got exemplarily mobilised to contribute toward my victory,’ the President said. Basescu said he was impressed by the fact that some Romanians living so far from their home country have watched so closely what happens in Romania. He also extended thanks to his campaign staff.
‘They all came up with ideas and initiatives but I could satisfy very little of what crossed their minds; anyhow we had an excellent teamwork that led to the result you all can see,’ said Basescu.


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