BEC – partial results: Basescu – 50.43 pct, Geoana – 49.57 pct

Traian Basescu, independent candidate, backed by the Democrat Liberal Party (PD-L) in the presidential elections, secured 50.43 percent of the votes in the runoff, whereas the candidate of PSD+PC Alliance (Social Democratic Party and Conservative Party), Mircea Geoana, 49.57 percent, according to the preliminary results centralized by the Central Electoral Bureau (BEC) till Monday morning, 8:00 a.m.

According to BEC spokesman Marian Muhulet, data from 20,708 polling stations were centralized till the hour, accounting for 95.40 percent of the total of 21,706.
“Till the hour a number of 13 County Electoral Bureaus were not centralized in electronic format at BEC, one Electoral Bureau of a district in Bucharest and the Bureau for the polling stations abroad”, said Muhulet.

Starting this day the County Electoral Bureaus are programmed at BEC to bring in the official reports. The total number of electors in the permanent electoral lists copy is of 17,654,298, the number of the presence to the polls being 10,229,433, namely 57.94 percent.
The total number of validly expressed votes is 10,095,938, namely 98.69 percent, the annulled votes being 133,419, accounting for 1.30 percent. The following preliminary results will be released by BEC at 11:00 a.m.

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