In Belgium 77.72 percent Romanians going to polls vote for Traian Basescu

A number of 4,294 Romanians went to the polls in the runoff presidential election in Romania, which was held on Sunday, December 7, according to the final results centralized and posted on Monday on the site of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs by the electoral bureau for the polling stations abroad.

The total number of the validly cast votes was 4,261. 3,312 votes were for candidate Traian Basescu (77.72 percent) and 949 for Mircea Geoana (22.27 percent).
The most numerous Romanians went to the polls in the polling stations of Romania’s Embassy in Brussels: 2,196 in polling station 18, of whom 76.68 percent voted for Traian Basescu and 23.31 percent for Mircea Geoana, and 1,255 in polling station 19, of whom 77.84 percent voted for Traian Basescu and 22.15 for Mircea Geoana.
Three hundred and one Romanian citizens voted in section 20 in Liege and 542 in polling station 21 in Antwerp.

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