Klaus Johannis: My road has come to an end, I am and stay in Sibiu

Mayor of the city of Sibiu (central Romania) Klaus Johannis said on Monday that his road to the position of Prime Minister of the Geoana-Antonescu team came to an end. He voiced hope that Sibiu had something to win all this time.

“My road to the possible position of Premier has come to an end. I am and stay in Sibiu. It was an unusual, very interesting experience. It was an honour to me to be co-opted into the team with chairmen Geoana and Antonescu. I hope that Sibiu had something to win,” said Johannis. He said he did not expect spectacular changes in the results that were already made known by the Central Electoral Bureau.

Johannis thinks that talks will follow in all the parties and negotiations among the various political groups will most probably be held in the days to come. As for the victory won in Sibiu by candidate Traian Basescu, Johannis thinks that many Sibiu people votedfor the current Head of State for fear that their mayor might leave for Bucharest to take over as Prime Minister. Klaus Johannis reiterated that he was not interested in being Premier if Traian Basescu was the new winner.

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