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Mircea Geoana: ‘Our victory is the victory of normalcy’

Candidate of the Social Democratic Party + Conservative Party (PSD+PC) Alliance in the presidential runoff of Sunday Mircea Geoana, projected the winner by the exit polls, said his victory is the victory of normalcy and civility.

‘Our victory is the victory of normalcy, the victory of civility, the victory of all of Romania’s citizens who wish for a better life,’ said Geoana. The PSD chief thanked the Conservatives, chief of the National Liberal Party (PNL) Crin Antonescu and his ‘Liberal friends.’ ‘This is equally Crin’s victory,’ said Geoana. ‘What we did in these two weeks exceeds a mere coalition, a mere majority; it represents a friendship and a moral duty,’ said Geoana.

He also thanked the Hungarian Democratic Union of Romania (UDMR), the national minorities, the New Generation Party, the National Initiative Party (PIN), trade unions, employers’ associations and revolutionaries, all of whom endorsed him for the runoff. ‘I want to extend my thanks to all of them for their support and confidence in me,’ he said. Geoana also thanked his family – his wife and two children – who were besides him during the campaigning.

Geoana also extended thanks to his voters and to those who did not vote for him, promising stability and unity, and most of all respect to all the country’s citizens. ‘From now on I will be the president of all Romanians,’ he said. The PSD chief said that all that happened over the past two weeks exceeded a mere majority and became a friendship and a moral duty for the future, especially owed to ‘Crin Antonescu, an exceptional man.’

He pledged that by Christmas Romanians will have a new Government, with an efficient and coherent programme that will include guidelines to overcome the ongoing crisis. Geoana also said that Nicholas is Greek for victory, in relation to the fact that the presidential runoff was held on December 6, St. Nicholas Day. ‘The Romanian people has prevailed! May God help us!’ Geoana concluded.


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