4,76 RON
4,19 RON
5,52 RON
4,20 RON
2,98 RON
3,15 RON
2,43 RON
0,07 RON
0,29 RON
1,11 RON
0,63 RON
0,06 RON

Net nominal average salary income increases by 16 lei

The net average salary income was 1,375 lei in October, up by 16 lei (1.2 percent) from the previous month, informs the National Statistics Institute (INS) in a release.
If in October the net nominal average salary income increased by 1.2 percent from the previous month, amounting to 1,375 lei, in the same span of time the gross nominal average salary income was higher by 1.1 percent than in the previous month, namely 1,881 lei.

The highest values of the net nominal average salary income were to be found in air transports (3,282 lei), and the lowest ones in the activities carried out in hotels and restaurants (769 lei). According to INS, in education, in October 2009, the net average salary was 1,525 lei, by 5.2 percent higher than in September. In the public administration, defence and social security in the public system, the net average salary was by 3.3 percent higher in October than in September, amounting to 1,953 lei.

In the processing industry, the net average salary grew by 1 percent in October as against September 2009, in the production and supply of electric and thermic energy, gas, hot water and air conditioning the average salary was 2,531 lei, by 2.4 higher than in September. In trade the net average salary decreased by 0.6 percent, in constructions it went up by 0.1 percent and in information and communications there was a 1.4 percent decrease.

INS also informs that the real salary index for October 2009 as against the previous month was 100.8 percent. It was a calculated in relation to the net nominal salary income and the consumer price index. When compared with the October of the previous year, the net nominal average salary income increased by 3.6 percent and the real salary index was 99.3 percent as against the same period of the previous year.


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