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PD-L excludes future Gov’t with PSD

Deputy Chairman of the Democratic-Liberal Party (PD-L) Ion Oltean told a news conference on Monday in Bistrita, north-east of Bucharest, that any future governmental cooperation with PSD is excluded and he hopes the future Government of Romania will be a Right one.

‘I have already said it and I stick to my statements: I am for a Right majority. We will analyse, taking into account the latest political developments, the best option for Romania to get a stable and competent Government, a Government that does its job as soon as possible. You can rest assured that I will campaign for an exceptional Government, with competent members who are not appointed on lines such as age, but only on professional lines,’ said Oltean.

‘Traian Basescu will have a prime minister and a Government with which he can cooperate to the benefit of Romanians, to the benefit of achieving the reforms we have started and set to achieve. He will have with whom to cooperate; he will be a player president, one that will embody the best of this notion.

I can assure that if the Government does not clear Parliament, there will be an early election, but do not imagine that the new President will play with this. Yet, I can also assure you that the first Government to be brought before Parliament for approval will pass. Do you believe the Romanian Parliament is ready for an early election? You must be mistaken,’ said Oltean.

The PD-L deputy chairman excluded the option of PD-L coming again to govern alongside the Social Democratic Party (PSD). ‘In my opinion, any majority with PSD is excluded. We prefer early election to assembling a majority with PSD. We will seek and surely find the forces that will help us assemble a stable parliamentary majority so that a highly performing Government may start functioning. I believe that by Christmas Romania must have a stable Government and we will do our best for the Government to win Parliament’s approval,’ Oltean concluded.


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