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PSD challenges presidential election outcome with CCR

The National Executive Committee of the Social Democratic Party (PSD) on Monday unanimously decided to challenge the outcome of the December 6 presidential runoff with the Constitutional Court (CCR) and file complaints with the Central Electoral Bureau against irregularities detected in the electoral process, PSD chief Mircea Geoana, who lost the runoff, announced.

Geoana said that if the alleged fraud is proved real, the election could be repeated. He said that there are signs now that the presidential election was marred by ‘massive fraud.’ ‘We cannot impassibly watch the 5 million Romanian who vested their trust in me,’ said the PSD leader.
He claimed that the Democratic-Liberal Party (PD-L), which endorsee won the election, ‘used huge amounts of money earmarked for buying votes,’ electoral tourism, multiple voting and there were some ‘instances at least dubious in certain special polling centres for non-resident voters and precarious organistaion on the polling centre overseas.’

Geoana also claimed that never in the history of presidential elections was there a difference so small between two candidates, adding that the decision to challenge the election outcome is not exclusively about him or some political interests. ‘We must, once and for all, recognise that the PD-L and Traian Base scu are using means that are far beyond the democratic game.

You cannot pretend to lead Romania using the power structures of the state, virtually unlimited amounts of money and an immense volume of electoral gifts and bribes, negative propaganda and means to shuttle people from one corner of the country to the other or coaches abroad to shuttle voters.

This obligation to respect the sovereign will of the Romanian people, the trust invested by 5 million Romanians lead us to the normal, legitimate, democratic and necessary conclusion that we have to challenge the election outcome with the Constitutional Court and file with the Central Electoral Bureau the complaints from many polling centres in the country and abroad,’ said Geoana. Geoana said the collection of the complaints will end this evening, so that they may be lodged on Tuesday.


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