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Romania’s Ambassador to Baku to present NATO’s vision on current security model

Ambassador Nicolae Ureche, representative of NATO Contact Point in Azerbaijan, is taking part on Monday in the conference marking the official opening of the Winter Course of the NATO International School of Azerbaijan (NISA) on Cyber Security.

Romania’s Ambassador in Baku will present the NATO vision on the current security model, underlining the provisions contained by the final declarations of the Alliance’s summits in Bucharest and Strasbourg – Kehl, including the coagulation of the cyber security policy of NATO following the cyber attacks against Estonia in spring 2007. As well, the Ambassador will present a keynote address within the “NATO and cyber policy” panel.

The conference agenda includes topics as NATO policy in cyber field, the United Nations role in securing cyber security, cyber terrorism and information security. Representatives of the European Union Council, Center of Excellence in Estonia, profile ministries in Azerbaijan, diplomatic circles and international researchers in the security studies field will present reports in the framework of the work sessions.

Attending this event organized in the period Dec. 7 through 12 are 40 students and NGOs representatives from 16 NATO member states and partners, Romania included. The role of NATO Contact Point Embassy is exercised on two-year periods. On Jan. 1, 2009, Romania took over the mandate of NATO Contact Point Embassy (CPE) in Azerbaijan on the period 2009-2010.

NATO contact point embassies in the partner states have an important role in the relation between the Alliance and the respective state. This includes support in the running of NATO activities, especially those in the public diplomacy field, locally, as well as the necessary approaches in order to secure a communication channel for the NATO policies in the partner state.


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