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Traian Basescu gets 81.1 pct of votes cast in Spain

Traian Basescu, independent candidate for president with the endorsement of the Democratic Liberal Party (PD-L) won 81.1 percent of the votes on Sunday, December 6, cast by 35,771 Romanians in 38 polling stations available in 36 Spanish cities, with his rival in the runoff Mircea Geoana obtaining only 18.9 percent of the votes cast by Romanians in this country, according to results made public on Monday by the Central Electoral Bureau (BEC) for the polling stations abroad.

As many as 140 out of the 35,911 votes cast by Romanians in Spain were declared null, with 35,711 being validated, 29,031 of them going to Traian Basescu and 6,758 to Mircea Geoana.
The Romanian Foreign Affairs Ministry (MAE) sent 142,266 ballots to the polling stations abroad for the runoff, with a significantly larger number of voters appearing at the polling stations outside the country compared with the first round few weeks ago.

Spain is one of the countries – together with Italy and the Republic of Moldova – where representatives of the PNL (National Liberal Party), UDMR (the Democratic Union of Hungarians in Romania), PRM (the Greater Romania Party) and the Green Party accused illegalities at the vote- counting.
The Central Electoral Bureau on Monday decided to sent these accusations to the electoral office in charge with the polling stations abroad, as soon as the representatives of the abovesaid parties contested the results of the elections abroad, refusing to sign the final report.

The accusations refered, more precisely to electoral tourism, multiple voting and various advantages and gains being offered to people in exchange of their vote for a certain candidate.


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