Wedding in Basarabia wins Jury’s Special Award in Tallin Black Nights Film Festival

Wedding in Basarabia, the second feature film directed by Nap Toader (Napoleon Helmis), a Romania, the Republic of Moldova and Luxemburg co-production won the Jury’s Special Award, in the Tallin Black Nights Film Festival, in Estonia.

It is the story of the newly wed young couple, he from Bucharest (Romania) she from Chisinau (the Republic of Moldova), who decided to have a wedding feast where the guests offer money as presents, hoping they will manage to collect enough money and pay the first installment for a new home. Wedding in Basarabia impressed the jury of the Festival’s EurAsia section who described the film as ‘very human and touching’ through the message it promotes.

The EurAsia Jury’s president the well known Russian producer Alexander Rodniansky told the Festival’s premiere gala, late on Dec 4, that the Wedding in Basarabia is a film that ‘conveys a strong message of tolerance and hope and helped us to understand the realities of a less known region like Basarabia, an universe celebrating the joy of living and the kindness.

Attending the Festival’s premiere gala were the film’s director Nap Toader, the actor Constantin Florescu and the producers Daniel Burlac (Romania) and Donat Etienne (Luxembourg).


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