Romania examines question of supplementing troops in Afghanistan

Romania examines the question of supplementing the number of troops in Afghanistan after approval of sending 100 military was given, Interim Minister of Foreign Affairs Catalin Predoiu told a news conference on Tuesday.

The chief diplomat referred to the talks that were held at the meeting of the NATO foreign ministers, which was held last week in Brussels, and reiterated the fact that Romania hailed the decision made by the American Administration on the strategy referring to the stabilization of Afghanistan.

‘I have presented Romania’s current contribution and the pledges for 2010. Mention should be made of the fact that we already have a substantial participation in the operations theatre in Afghanistan, more than 1,000 soldiers. I must mention again the fact that more than 100 soldiers are already approved before this NATO meeting by CSAT [the Supreme Council for the Country’s Defence] to be deployed in the operations theatre in Afghanistan in 2010,’ said the Bucharest chief diplomat.

Predoiu said that, on the basis of the principle of the solidarity of the Alliance, Romania examined the question of supplementing the number of troops following what was talked about at the meeting in Brussels. He added that this decision would take an already established procedure and voiced hope that, in the time to come, Romania ‘will be able to materialize what this participation consisted in.’

‘I have revealed the necessity to combine the military dimension in Afghanistan with the efforts that must be made by the civilian part for the reconstruction and development of this country,’ also said Catalin Predoiu.

Predoiu told the council that Romania aimed at promoting some subjects mirroring the promotion of this country’s interests in the Alliance and in the relation with the other partners, namely the NATO policy to Ukraine and Georgia, the developments in the Western Balkans, the NATO enlargement, the relations between the NATO and Russia, the operation carried out by the Alliance in Afghanistan, the new strategic concept as well as the anti-missile defence.

‘All the aims we have set together with our colleagues in the central headquarters and the missions have entirely been attained,’ concluded Catalin Predoiu.

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