2010 budget bill almost complete

The members of the Boc Cabinet on Wednesday discussed at the weekly government meeting the now almost complete draft budget for 2010, following a political decision to be made related to the distribution of funds among the priority fields, the government spokeswoman Ioana Muntean announced.

‘The government held a debate on this matter. The draft budget is almost complete now, with a political decision following to be made concerning the distribution among the priority fields: infrastructure, investments, education, health, after which the budget bill will be assumed responsibility for and then submitted to Parliament for approval. This decision will only be focusing on the details’, Ioana Munteanu specified.

Yet, she was not able to specify if the budget bill was to be submitted to the Parliament by the caretaker government or by the future one. The leader of the Democratic Liberal Party (PD-L) caretaker Prime Minister Emil Boc on Tuesday stated Romania shouldn’t’ hurry with the budget for 2010. ‘I think we better wait […] and see which majority will assume responsibility for this budget, for the budget needs to be accompanied by a series of measures to secure its provisions’ Emil Boc explained, also specifying the budget will be officially complete in a couple of days.

The Romanian President Traian Basescu last week signed the decree promulgating the law on the completion of art. 26 of Law No. 90 as of 2001 regarding the making and functioning of the Romanian government and of the ministries and also allowing the sacked government of the Premier Boc to present before the Parliament the draft budget for 2010.

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