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Antonescu: Romania needs a good government, but this doesn’t mean PNL should abandon its principles

The leader of the National Liberal Party (PNL) Crin Antonescu on Wednesday stated at the Parliament Palace that Romania needing a good government doesn’t mean PNL should abandon its principles and clearly stated positions.

Asked whether PNL wanted to take part in the government, Antonescu said there existed no political party that wouldn’t like this, ‘especially in a time when Romania needs so much a good government’. ‘But this doesn’t mean, as it was suggested, we will hurry to abandon our party’s principles and positions’, Crin Antonescu said.

The PNL leader also specified the decision of the majority should be always observed, while referring to the upcoming meeting of the PNL National Standing Bureau to take place on Wednesday, 4 pm. ‘The decision of the majority should always be observed, with the leaders’ role being to work for the decision of the majority to be the best’, the PNL leader said.

Crin Antonescu also added his party was not divided into two sides, but only a certain turmoil existed, which is natural for any political party, especially ‘ in democracies, where each individual is free to make lobby for its own variant or vision’. ‘I believe there exists a single basic interest, which is the PNL needing to become a strong, unitary party, with the dignity and unity of its principles to be observed, the same as the party needs to respect its electors’, Antonescu said.

Asked how he would comment on the statements made by presidential adviser Sebastian Lazaroiu, according to whom the PNL leader was vehement enough between the two rounds of the presidential elections in his statements against Traian Basescu, with ‘all the communication lines’ having been cut back then, according to the Democratic Liberal Party (PD-L) or according to the Presidency, Crin A ntonescu said he felt honoured by these statements.


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