Basescu: Challenging the election outcome is legal, but it should be conducted within decency limits

The Social Democratic Party (PSD) challenging the outcome of the presidential election is legal, democratic and constitutional, President-elect Traian Basescu told a news conference on Wednesday at the Cotroceni Presidential Palace.

‘As far as challenging the outcome of the presidential runoff is concerned, I would like to say that I find it a democratic move. At the same time, I believe this should be conducted with democratic means while avoiding lies, misinformation and other such means. In essence, the approach is democratic and constitutional, a legal approach,’ said Basescu.

He added that the events happening these days pending the certification of the election outcome should be watched calmly. ‘I believe the best attitude is mine, which is let us watch calmly the tumult of politicians, the legal and democratic process of challenging the vote. I want to say again that the challenge is a legal process provided for by the Constitution and other laws.

Consequently, PSD is not doing anything illegal. Still, I would afford the liberty of warning about the means used, and I would like them to be those that would generate the peace the PSD candidate was promising us, if still possible,’ said Basescu.
The President-elect also urged to responsibility, adding that both politicians and the institutions and the mass media should prove responsible. He added that he is convinced the state institutions will function correctly, as they did throughout the entire electoral process.

Basescu also called on ‘those who, overheated by political dispute, are casting a question mark over the Romanians overseas.’ ‘I would remind those that it has been thanks to the Diaspora’s cash remittances – between 5 and 7 billion euros in 2008 – that the current account deficit was covered, a deficit generated by us, in the country, because we consumed more than we produced.

For this reason I believe they should be treated respectfully and I find casting shadows of doubt on them at least unfair,’ said Basescu. The President-elect also reiterated that as far as he is concerned challenging the poll is legal and constitutional, adding that challenges have been common at every ballot so far.


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  1. Andrei Panait spune

    well said, President Basescu. the next thing I’d like to see is Romanian produce sold in Romanian supermarkets (even if they are called „Carrefour”, not outrageously expensive foreign food that doesn’t taste good.

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