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Basescu: Reconciliation is required within the political class

President-elect Traian Basescu on Wednesday told a news conference at the Cotroceni Presidential Palace that reconciliation is now required within the political class of Romania.

‘As far as I am concerned, I believe that the time of electoral competition is over and the time has come for us to return to priorities, if we forgot them, the priorities of the country and its citizens. I would say that it is mandatory for reconciliation to happen within the political class, if this process is necessary. I do believe it necessary, because only a reconciled political class can bring forward the messages we all have received from the citizens during the referendum and the presidential election,’ said Basescu.

The President-elect also said that he is urging the political parties to switch from competition to finding solutions for Romania. ‘We urgently need a political class cured of the high fever of electoral competition that has returned to the obligation to attach priority to Romanians’ priorities,’ he said.
Basescu pointed out that his statement is from his current position as incumbent President, not the candidate in the presidential election, saying that he does not want any confusion between his two positions.

He thanked all Romanians for their civic spirit by showing up at the referendum and the presidential election, arguing that the massive voter turnout indicates Romanians’ confidence in democracy and the public institutions.
‘Romanians are convinced that the outcome of the referendum and the outcome of the election will be implemented by the public institutions as reflected by the Romanians’ vote,’ the President-elect explained. He also said that the massive voter turnout is proof to Romanians’ wish to get involved in the decisions that regard them.


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