BEC rejects PSD’s request to recount votes in some polling stations

The Central Electoral Bureau (BEC) has rejected as unfounded the request lodged by the Social Democratic Party (PSD) claiming for a vote recounting, for a new centralization of the votes and also for a new verification of the results in several polling stations where the party claimed there were discovered irregularities or errors in the final reports.

‘BEC motivated its decision by saying PSD hadn’t mentioned in the request the precise polling stations where there were discovered the errors, although in the end of this request there indeed existed a note saying the list was to be attached’, BEC spokesperson Marian Muhulet said.
Moreover, BEC submitted further to the Standing Electoral Authority the PSD+PC Alliance Arad Office’s request indicating the possible cases of multiple voting in some precise polling stations in the Arad County.

The same request was lodged to the Constitutional Court, which is to check if there existed indeed any electoral fraud. The BEC members also decided to reject as inadmissible the claims of the PSD+PC Alliance Arad Office against the decision No. 14 pronounced by the Arad County Electoral Office.
BEJ Arad rejected the claims of the PSD+PC Alliance showing that in many polling stations people voted based on their temporary residence visas and that there existed too many requests for voting with the mobile ballot box too.

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