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Crin Antonescu says „No” to governance with PD-L and Traian Basescu

President of the National Liberal Party (PNL) Crin Antonescu reiterated on Tuesday evening his refusal of a partnership at rule between the liberals and the Democrat Liberal Party (PD-L), pointing out that, beyond repugnance for the democrat liberals, the reason is the need of an Executive set to counter-balance an eventual second mandate of Traian Basescu as the head of the state.

Replying to a question on Antena 3 TV channel, which would be the answer to the question „PNL to be, or not to be at rule”, Antonescu unequivocally replied: „No to Traian Basescu and PD-L”. He explained the reasons why PNL has this attitude towards Traian Basescu and democrat liberals.

„Now, after Romania’s dramatic divide after the presidential elections, due to this dramatic election, with radical options, I and PNL opted to support Mircea Geoana in the runoff, namely the anti-Basescu option. Currently, even though we may be tempted to enter Traian Basescu’s power system, I do not believe we can do it without being ashamed of the millions of voters, who cast their ballots in favor of myself and the liberals”, explained Crin Antonescu.

The liberal leader also said that he is not opened to PD-L governance proposals, given that he represents a part of the five million of voters who wanted for a change.
„They voted us to defend some values and, even though Basescu wins the Presidency, we have an obligation to this electors and we will try to respond in kind, to find out another governance solution, not one to serve and be at Basescu’s mercy.

A solution for Romania, which the Parliament forged majority – the one already in existence to be continued, or another – must seek because we urgently need a Government”, said Antonescu.


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