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Eastern Partnership enactment is assessed in Brussels

The Eastern Partnership’s first meeting of the foreign ministers of the European Union and of the seven partner states, namely the Republic of Moldova, Ukraine, Belarus, Georgia, Armenia and Azerbaijan, took place in Brussels in sideline with the External Affairs Council (EAC), the Romanian Foreign Ministry (MAE) informs.
State Secretary for European Affairs Bogdan Mazuru represented Romania in the event.

The participants reviewed the developments regarding the implementation of the initiative since it was launched on May 7, as well as the ways to ensure on the adequate dynamics for achieving the objectives in view.
Among them, it is worth mentioning the consolidation of the democratic institutions and the well governing in the partner states, the economic integration and the convergence with the EU policies, the energy security and boosting the exchanges in fields such as education, culture and research.

The talks emphasized the participants’ political will to capitalize the new bilateral and multilateral cooperation framework, the EU offers, adjusted to the individual desires and capabilities.
State Secretary Bogdan Mazuru, in his speech stressed the importance of providing the required key elements to the Eastern Partnership to be an efficient instrument in promoting the standards of the democracy consolidating the institutions and the civil society.

Mazuru also underscored the requirement to earn clear results through the political commitment and instruments adjusted to the needs of the partner states. He also approached the topic of the requirement that the third parties get involved in specific tangible projects and the importance of the bilateral dimension in the framework of the Eastern Partnership.


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