MAE asks for remaining electoral supplies to be sent home from abroad

The Romanian Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MAE) on Wednesday rejected for the second time the accusations brought by the PSD (Social Democratic Party) Senator Titus Corlatean concerning the organization of the elections abroad, saying that the institution asked the chairs of the polling stations overseas to sent to Bucharest all the remaining electoral supplies within 24 hours, in order to submit them further to the electoral office for overseas polling stations.

MAE also specified that, initially, that is on Tuesday, 4:58, the institution sent instructions signed by the coordinators of the voting abroad, Secretary of State Eugen Tomac and Secretary General with MAE Robert Cazanciuc, not to deliver to Bucharest the reports with the outcome of the voting, the null ballot papers, the challenged ones, the complaints and the documents such complaints refer too, the lists and the declarations on one’s own responsibility yet.

The instructions were saying a term for the delivery of the remaining electoral supplies back to the country was to be specified at a subsequent date. MAE specified these instructions were given in the context there existed no stipulation in the electoral law referring to the sending by the polling stations abroad of such documents to Bucharest, also a deadline of 24 hours did exist for the polling stations at home.

At the previous elections, such electoral supplies were sent back home within two or three months since the elections via a diplomatic courier. MAE claimed that its officials consulted with the representatives of the electoral office for the overseas polling stations, who eventually gave these instructions.
The MAE officials found out from the electoral office for the overseas polling stations about the complaint lodged by the PSD representative in which he was asking for a vote recount.

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