PD-L invites PNL to negotiations to create government

The leader of the Democratic Liberal Party (PD-L) Emil Boc had sent an invitation in writing to its Liberal counterpart Crin Antonescu to begin negotiation for the creation of a new majority in the Parliament and of a new Executive, the Prime Vice President of PD – L Adrian Videanu on Wednesday announced.
‘As far as I know, our leader sent an invitation in writing calling PNL to negotiations for the making of a new majority in the Parliament and of a new Executive’, Videanu told a press conference.

Though he was not able to specify when precisely the invitation was sent, he wanted to say that, from the PD-L’s viewpoint, more important at the moment was the validation of the presidential runoff. After that, the PD-L would be ready ‘to discuss the matter seriously, based on principles, based on objectives and on the governing programme’ the Democratic Liberal completed.

Earlier in the same day, in the beginning of the meeting of the Central Political Bureau of the PNL, leader Crin Antonescu stated he would not resign and PNL would not to join PD-L at rule.
‘There exists no political party that does not want to rule, only that PNL had never been like those party wanting to rule no matter the terms and no matter with whom, so that the only thing I could tell you right now is that PNL will not be part of a „puppet government” to be the toy of someone who doesn’t like to play by the democratic rules and the rule of law state’, Crin Antonescu underlined.

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